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Level, Pressure, Temperature, Calibration, Position, Automation

        Calibrators and calibration software
        Control relays, Motogard
        Deadweight testers
        Foot and palm switches
        Hand Pumps
        Infra-red temperature measurement
        Level Measurement--OEM Magnetostrictive
        Level Measurement
        Non-contact IR spot thermometers
        Position resolvers
        Precision dimentional position transducers
        Pressure calibrators
        Pressure Gauges
        Pressure transducers (Aerospace)
        Pressure transducers (OEM)
        Pressure transducers (Power)
        Pressure transmitters (general)
        Pressure transmitters (Marine Vessels)
        Pressure transmitters (subsea, offshore)
        Pressure, temperature & signal
        Safety products, brakes
        Temperature, pressure, signal calibrators
        Temperature sensors
        Temperature transmitters-subsea/topside

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