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Process Analyzers & Laboratory Equipment

        Acid Dewpoint
        Cathodic protection
        Coal Mill & Silo Monitoring
        Combustion Efficiency
        Flue Gas CO
        Flue Gas Methane
        Flue Gas O2
        Flue Gas Opacity
        Fluoropolymer Tubing
        Gas Chromatography
        HC Dewpoint
        High Speed Cameras
        Mass Spectrometers
        Motors & Blowers
        Natural gas quality
        NIR Spectrophotometers
        Oil & Gas Instruments
            BioDiesel / Biofuel Testing Instruments
            Color Analyzers
            Core Flow, Pulse-Free Pumps
            Corrosion Testers
            Distillation Instruments
            Drilling Fluid Testing
            Flash Point Testers
            Fuel Testing
            Oil Well Cement Testing
            On-Line Vapor Pressure Analyzers
            Phase Behavior (PVT) Systems
            Primary DP Flow Measurement
            Stimulation Fluids Testing
            Subsea Flow Meters and Transmitters
            Topside/Onshore Wet Gas Measurement
            Petroleum Testing Equipment
            Vapor Pressure Analyzers
            Viscosity Testing
            Water Content Analyzers
            Wet Gas Metering
            Salt In Crude Oil Testers
        On line sulfur in crude
        Portable Gas Analyzers
        Pressure Gauges & Trans.
        Refinery Process analyzers
        Subsea Flow Meters and Transmitters

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